Sompower power system network


  • Sompower network generation stations based in the north and south the city of Hargeisa will introduce reliability and flexibility, this will create a ring of 33kv around the city. Several 33/11kv step-down substations will then supply different sections.
  • Sompower renewable energy mission is to be a substantial proponent of the transition from this country‚Äôs reliance on fossil fuels to the use of renewable energy. Reduction of the overall cost of electricity by introduction of solar generation, this will reduce the overall tariff of 0.79 US dollars to amount affordable tariff, an initial 4MW capacity will be implemented
  • Customer service improvement through better metering techniques and introduction of prepaid and AMR( automatic meter reading ) introduction of integrated metering solution involving metering
    billing and finance system, segmentation of the customers by ensuring the central business district (CBD) and large power customers can be supplied from several sources. The plans proposed will modernize the network and make it more efficient and affordable to the customers

Solar Power
Clean and renewable energy from the sun that is available in abundance in Somaliland.

Wind Power
Another clean and renewable energy resource.